Feeling Like the Best Days of Your Life Might Have Passed You By?

You’re a standout woman of God. You’ve got credentials, wisdom and life experience…. not to mention the funniest stories ever. But right now you feel totally set aside and left out of what's happening. And there’s no big break in sight.

Yes, I'm Ready for Transformation

You've always imagined your latter years being the best ones of your life. 

But now you feel uncertain about the impact you have on those around you, and the world at large.  

You feel silenced, and in some ways, you feel like you’ve given up on life. Now, you don’t know where to start to take back your rightful place and destiny. Or even if you even can?

You want to be renewed and released as a mature woman of influence to seize the moment, tap into your Heavenly power source and experience God’s abundance like you’ve never seen it before.  

Instead, you feel like you’re watching your influence fade away day by day.

Something’s got to change… fast.

Do you find yourself...

  • Constantly saying “sorry” or put yourself down?
  • Playing down compliments as quickly as they’re given?
  • Needing to ask for permission for being creative?
  • Questioning whether you can wear “those” clothes because they seem too colorful or attention-getting?
  • Not believing in yourself anymore, or not holding your head high when you think about what you achieved? 
  • Not feeling ready to change, and so nothing changes?
  • Looking at your schedule and seeing everyone else’s stuff there, but not seeing anything truly inspiring?
  • Feeling like you have nothing to contribute, and get overlooked, when family and friends gather?

If any of this describes you… or sounds like something you’ve recently said… dry your tears, my friend. Help--and hope--are here. You’re not alone. And you’re most definitely not un-seen. 

God sees you. I see you. And it’s time you see yourself too… for who you really are.

Hi, I'm Robbie Grangaard.

I am a prophetic artist and transformative coach empowering women over age 50 to make the rest of their life the best of their life.

I am 100% positive that God has a unique adventure in mind for every person -- and you’ve not been left out! But I also know first-hand what it’s like to wonder seriously if your best years are behind you, rather than ahead.

There was a time in my life that I wasn’t fully seen by those around me, either. I felt overwhelmed by the needs of others that I felt responsible to meet… and by my own unmet needs, too. 

I was a  busy mother back in the day, had returned to my work life again, and all things on the surface appeared to be running very smoothly… BUT

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I soon realized that my so-called success was very much regulated by the way others saw me.

I began to listen to all the negative chatter in my mind and my thoughts often spun out of control.  

As the years went by I came to a place where I suddenly believed that I blended in with the grey colour of the walls, was unseen, and any influence I'd had seemed to have lost impact.

The tap on my shoulder came unexpectedly by a total ‘disrupting of my soil’…it doesn’t have to be this way, but for me it entailed moving from one country to another on the opposite side of the world..

Where I had to learn to get out of my head and into life!

By God’s grace I found a way forward into the vibrancy and passion I thought was gone for good. Today my life is absolutely better now in my 70s than it was in my 40s. I 100% believe you can have a future so bright that it glows with Heaven’s glory. 

I’ve been awakened, have touched on the Divine and a deeper part of myself. I've experienced the full magnificence of all life has to offer. And it began with a simple decision… to step back into my life. 

If I can do it, you can too. And I’m here to help you create that life. 

What You Really Need to Move Forward Are...

A Listening Ear

Is someone to listen to you. Really, deeply, truly listen to you. To your life experiences, your questions, your deepest desires. Someone to help you design a new story for your life… one where you return to your Source of Hope and Joy, and move beyond your present circumstances into a triumphant future.

Passions & Gifts

You also need to get back in touch with what you love, what brings you joy… and rekindle the amazing, creative potential which exists within you. Your passions, desires and gifts truly do deserve attention, but sometimes it takes the persistent advocacy of someone else for us to really give them attention!

A Clear Plan

Finally, you need a plan: a clear path out of the day-to-day drudgery and back into that sense of confidence and purpose you once enjoyed. With some careful choices about what is going on your calendar… you’ll wake up excited once again about what’s on your agenda. And spend your time how YOU truly want to.

Clarifying your deepest needs is the most important step to moving forward, and now that you’ve done that… I’m happy to say:

the answer you’ve been seeking is finally here. 

Welcome to my new program, 

Reclaim Your Vibrance and
Influence in 90 Days


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What makes TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE so unique?

Put simply, this is the program I wish had been there for me when I was waving my kids off to university and realizing that my life was about to take a radical new direction. 

Many life coaching programs claim to help women of all ages find and fulfill their purpose… but I wanted to create something especially for the unique situation of women of influence who aren’t finding the “Golden Years” to be so golden after all.

A lot can happen when your life circumstances shift! Whether you are an empty-nester…. Or a recent retiree… or feel like you never quite found yourself after the kids (or company) moved on… this program is for you.

And because I’m a working artist with a prophetic gift… I make sure every woman’s engagement includes creative activities to unlock your unique expression, and help you reconnect with deep longings and parts of yourself you might have given up for lost.

This program is ideal for you if you are:

  • Over age 50 and struggling to maintain a sense of purpose in life
  • Unsure what happened, or where the “slide” occurred in your life
  • Waking up to see a woman in the mirror that you barely recognize
  • Finding yourself and your opinions dismissed by those around you
  • Yearning to feel juiced-up, creative and plugged-in to life again.
  • Ready to upshift quickly into passion, purpose and vibrancy!

I’m a compassionate coach who can guide you on a journey to make your Golden Years a truly golden experience. 

Here’s a bit more about me, and why I care so much about this work: 

  • I’m over 50 myself. In fact… I’m in my 70s and absolutely loving life!
  • I have a heart to activate other women like me into their destiny.
  • My style is open-minded, warm and caring--no matter what.
  • I listen to you, rather than measuring you against pre-created ideas.
  • I have decades of experience, and I’m living my dreams right now.
  • I’m 100% positive that God has a unique adventure planned for you!

So many coaching programs want to push your unique talents, desires and gifts through a cookie-cutter process to find meaning.

TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE, I help you explore and identify what actually works for you.

As a participant in TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE, you will receive…

My absolutely guarantee that I will show up for you, listen to you, and walk side-by-side with you on this journey into a whole new era of YOU. Some of the juicy topics we’ll address together are:

  • Simple principles for living to your fullest.
  • How to unpack the real you, your desires and passions.   
  • 5 ways to embody your unique purpose and path
  • How to eliminate joy-stealers that rob your creative potential.
  • Align with the purpose for your life and step into a higher calling.
  • Own your voice as a woman of influence at home and work.
  • How to dream bigger and experience true abundance.
  • Simple strategies for designing your best life.


We’ll do this through a combination of 1:1 meetings, teaching content and step-by-step activities which include:

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions 
  • Follow-up assignments with concrete action steps
  • Direct email access to me throughout the week
  • Confidential advice and accountability
  • Spiritual companioning and prayer when desired
  • Art therapy techniques or prophetic artwork to illuminate and enliven when desired.
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In the end, here’s what you can expect…


As you move through the TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE experience with an open heart and mind, ready to embrace your God-given identity and rise into your next level of influence! Imagine a day-to-day reality where you can…

  • Enjoy each day to the fullest, believing the best is still ahead for you.

  • Feel overwhelmed by the number of amazing opportunities coming your way, and feel confident in your ability to make good on them.

  • Wake up energized and ready to tackle everything on your list, believing each task will truly move your goals forward.

  • Look in the mirror, and be blown away by the woman looking back at you: a woman of presence who exudes confidence and beauty.

  • Find that most days your life feels full of adventure, life and meaning.

  • Experience the feeling of being truly needed and appreciated by the people around you (family and friends).

  • Feel able to be “confidently unique,” relate to people, stand in your value despite how “different” you feel, and be joyful in that.

  • Know that you are totally competent to stand and to go forward, without being concerned about what people think.

  • Feel powerful and in-control of your thoughts, and also proud and happy with who you are.

  • Be completely committed every chance or door that opens itself up; seizing the moment; meeting game changers and becoming influenced by others.

  • Know with confidence that you are aligned with your God-given purpose and walking into your destiny day by day.

Now that I’ve shared all this… what’s your next step?

You know instinctively  that you are here for a higher purpose than the reality you are currently experiencing and also than people have said you’re capable of.

You really want to shine anew creatively…even if others are not always so positive, and even when family and friends are doubtful.

God has promised you a life of ABUNDANCE and IMPACT. Your destiny awaits! And no matter what it takes to get there, you are determined to go for it: to reach out and seize what is rightfully yours, 

Deep inside, you know that the life your living isn't the way you want to spend the most beautiful, impactful and inspiring years of your life. And now you know... you can have so much more. 

If any of this touches your heart, makes you want to move, change, grow, disrupt your ‘soil’, then I have a great opportunity for you.

You see this is YOUR time to TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE!

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