Robbie Grangaard
Transformative & Relationships Coach
Prophetic Artist.                                    

Do you want to design a new story? Are you ready to unlock your creativity and destinies through  prophetic art ?

This is a program where we take action, and it's for anyone wanting to create with God! Maybe you are a  seeker, a world-changer, a woman 50+, maybe you're looking for 'your rightful place' and want to become even more deeply creative. Or maybe you want to know your powerful relevance!  
Are you ready to create true prophetic art, calling forth the intentions of God to reality in a time like this?

Maybe you've made some of these comments:

"It's as though we are in a world where hopelessness seems to be "catching" and hope evaporating."

Or... I'm experiencing my sparkle has diminished, I've lost enthusiasm

I feel I'm set aside, silenced, even invisible."

Or even..."Why isn't God doing something about the situation?"

We're often thinking such things  because we don't understand who we are, or Whose we are, and feel insecure.

SO... what if you could envisage new hope? Imagine yourself saying..." I see I have a purpose!"

As God's children we can create with Him His downloads as He is 'invited to invade our space' and open our imagination to create new hope and an amazing  discovery of destinies. Prophetic art visually portrays God's reality, and in turn hearts are touched and life-purpose unlocked.

How do I know this is possible? Because back in the day I didn't understand that I'd always had a destiny designed for my life. And so I lived a life of mediocrity and averageness, even though I longed to become FULLY alive! A transformation occurred  for me as I started to see beyond and into the prophetic. It also visually spoke volumes into others’ hearts about God’s intention with their lives.

This is not just for me! It is for everyone that longs to call forth the intentions of God's reality in a time like this this !

The program "Unlocking creativity and destinies through prophetic art" will be launched  in September 2021. I'm super excited! Don't miss this exciting and illuminating course ladies!

For the early bird:  $270!  Late arrivals $390!



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