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to see beyond Jan 28, 2019



To the one interested in mystical impressions and/or the prophetic this is one artist’s day of unlocking bits and pieces from the Heavenly realm!

I paint with a fellow artist in a local café twice a week. There we may interact with customers if they choose, discuss the meaning behind the prophetic artwork, pray for those wishing that or sell the paintings! A large group sat behind me on this particular day discussing their plans ahead, and drinking their coffee. I continued with my painting which, on the face of it, seemed unaligned and difficult for people to decipher. And... rather typically I wasn’t too sure what it meant myself!

I only paint the images I receive from God and seldom know where they are leading or their meaning. This particular time I knew only so much: I was to paint a sceptre which represented King Ahasuerus’s favour to Esther as written in the Book of Esther Chapter 5. It seemed to indicate...


Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018


2.Excerpt from “A Dance Between Heaven and Earth”

Going into an era named old age, pension-ism or whatever else it may be called, has scarcely carried with it an incredible appeal for either me or my husband. I was particularly concerned that with his retirement he would desperately miss being considered a person of considerable importance, and want to return to the companionship of his worthy colleagues and/or the environment of academia he'd been a part of for the most of his adult working life. In my thoughts it seemed as though the prospect of losing all that, would be like the beginning of the end for him. 

My husband decided to resign from his place of work fairly abruptly and I reiterate here, I was a bit wary of the outcome! It took time, but gradually I saw just how much he was enjoying fishing-trips with the only other Norwegian in the area, as the two of them frequently celebrated their catches with coffee, camaraderie, and conversations in their...



Snoopy, a delightfully appealing little dog was a favourite of many in an old comic strip, and he has often been portrayed lying on the top of his dog kennel reflecting over life's deeper issues, not least dreaming of chocolate mice calling out to him. One time he was depicted in an absolute frenzy of excitement and vibration! He had come to the conclusion that "To live is to DANCE!”  

In a way I agree, I love to dance too, but perhaps what I really want is to LIVE, and not just merely exist…

Reflecting back I recall lost opportunities, sensations of emptiness and stagnation. Maybe my life was being lived out by following its own particular rhythms, and sequences, but the momentum somehow became faded and jaded. The thing is, I really wanted every day to count. I wanted to learn to number my days and gain a heart of wisdom (Ps.90:12). And now at this time I want every day to count even more, I want to pick up the momentum and go forward, seeing beyond to a...

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