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Influenced by God's Presence!

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2021

Do you want to create true prophetic art, calling forth the intentions of God to reality in a time like this?

 Maybe you’ve made some of these comments:

  • I’d love to paint, but I haven’t an artistic bone in my body
  • I can’t even draw stick figures
  • I haven’t got what it takes to be creative

SO... what if you understood just how creative you are? What if you could see that those thoughts are hoodwinking you to see yourself as just average and, "well, that’s just the way it is, nothing will change…"

What if you really let it sink into your heart when I tell you that you’re not average or mediocre- you just think you are….

You are made in the image of God who stretches out skies of beauty, of colour, sometimes stormy, sometimes with such light it takes your breath away, and which are constantly changing each and every day.

Actually all of us can splash colour on to a canvas! The proclaimed artist and the wanna-be, the one who can’t draw stick figures and the ones who believe themselves to lack creativity. 

But the important thing is because we are His children we can replicate and create with Him the downloads He gives us! Those downloads most often speak into the lives of others as He invades the space and  opens our imagination to create new hope, and discover our destinies. 

These creations can be weird and wonderful, or stick figures, but when you step out with Holy Spirit they can speak volumes visually.!

This is not just any old program, this is a program of transformation and I’m wildly excited to see your gifts extracted. and come to life!



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