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Is there any hope of a true pact of nonaggression in our world today?

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

I remember reading as a child about an animal figure talking with his friend about forming  a pact of nonaggression between them. (So sorry about the vagueness, but I can't recall the book's name or details)..

In any case I spent ages trying to get to grips with that particular expression, and now some decades later I still remember it, and am probably none the wiser.

What would that mean?  Is there anything that could connect humanity to true nonaggression? We are so diverse and that in itself seems to give rise to serious antagonism. 

How did Jesus walk this earth, discerning peoples' motives, and mindsets  with such equanimity? At no time did He compromise Who He was, His purpose or focus. 

Can we learn ? I want to believe that there is hope.

What if our societies started to do something different? 

What if we intentionally set about overcoming the entitlement mentality that seems to have a tight grip on our world? Could we open our minds and focus  anew?  A focus that sees beyond, a focus that has the capacity for change. 

painting : taken from "Garden of Eden" by Robbie Grangaard.

Robbie Grangaard:      [email protected] : www.rgrangaard.com          Transformational Coach (relationships, identity) Business Coaching, Spiritual companion/director, prophetic artist.

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