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Uncategorized Jun 13, 2020

My heart is so deeply moved by the current global darkness and brokenness.

What if we would dare to knit our hearts together and create a global impact ?

What if we could learn how to free our mindsets of hatred, suspicion, turmoil and disillusionment? Maybe we could actually waken the sleeping child of goodwill within us and be drawn towards a new path of love, compassion, hope and clarity. A crossroads of re-direction.

Or is that simply an illusion way beyond us?

I don't think so. I believe there is amazing human potential within each and every person alive. 

God so loves us and our world, but when we don't know who we are, or most importantly Whose we are, we react to and find ourselves at the mercy of our  thoughts and negative mindset spirals. We are then profoundly impacted by the world outside of us.

But the wounded-ness in our world could be made whole, the enemy's provocative but unhealthy soil could be disrupted.

New hope and new creativity  is just waiting around the corner for us to unlock with the key of courage!

Yes, we will be vulnerable when we reach out, but by taking one step of love at a time, having compassion for one person at a time, we can become world-changers.

Painting: Drawn to the Light

by Robbie Grangaard.

 Robbie Grangaard:      [email protected] : www.rgrangaard.com          Transformational Coach (relationships, identity) Business Coaching, Spiritual companion/director, prophetic artist.

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