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Innovativeness and opportunities towards your new prosperity.

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2020

Innovativeness? Opportunities? Oh really...? Is that an appropriate title for our struggling world? Using words such as innovativeness... opportunities? 

Well, maybe we are indeed at that place, where Esther was, (Esther 4:14, NKJV)... Is it possible that we could be here 'for a time like this' so that all will not perish?'

Maybe this is exactly the time we are not to remain silent, but rise above our current circumstances.

And how does one do that? 

Perhaps by seeing beyond the current situation. There's such a need for people with fresh clarity and right focus. 

Hope comes through plugging into the Source of all life, to help replace the grip of the visible and look towards the Divine Invisible.

With the release  of anxieties we could become empowered with God's hope and Dream Big from the inside-out.

I am hearing of fresh inspiration and innovativeness where people are beginning to construct different ways of doing things.

One step at a time...

Courageous people are starting up interesting enterprises, and while it's not easy, it's so fresh and revitalising in a time like this. Such intrepid moves certainly put them on a pathway towards new opportunities, and more than likely new prosperity!


Robbie Grangaard:      [email protected] : www.rgrangaard.com          Transformational Coach (relationships, identity) Business Coaching, Spiritual companion/director, prophetic artist.



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