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Don't allow others impact and define you, true abundance is yours.

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2020

There are probably many reasons for fear, or for that matter, resignation. We become so influenced by the choice of information given out by the media, and keep on filling up with it as though it is a necessity, or our responsibility to know all they say, whoever 'they' may be...

Little by little we become subject to negativity, uncertainty and chaos.

Where is your focus? Are you wanting to see beyond, know abundance, hope and love?

The thing is, you possess true abundance whether you believe it or not. No matter who you are.

You don't have to give the noise in your head such influence that it impacts your emotions and state of mind. Others may say what they think, but that need not affect us.

If God gave you a promise that you could become a game-changer, with no problems... what would you do? In your life, your business, your relationships?

The answer to your game-changing desire has probably something to do with the  destiny you have on your life. It's probably the path you've been too scared to take...because of others' meaning.

I've been there also, and I've had to learn what it takes to turn on a coin and to stop living from the outside-in, but rather from the inside-out!  

I'm being trained and learning what it is to become a supercoach. One of the primary discoveries I've made has been the illuminating of things about myself that I've not been able to see before!

Being coached by amazing people gives new understanding, new insights and a new capacity to discover the human potential of humanity.

Are you wanting to see beyond? Become fully alive? 


I've 3 spots open for complimentary calls/sessions of inspiration! 

You are welcome to take contact:

 Robbie Grangaard:      [email protected] : www.rgrangaard.com          Transformational Coach (relationships, identity) Business Coaching, Spiritual companion/director, prophetic artist. 




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