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Changing a mindset: the disruption of our souls!

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

To change a mindset doesn't just happen. It requires more than the desire to do so.

We shouldn't need to be the victim of others' perceptions, but it's not so easy. We want to turn our story around and design a new one, but find it doesn't usually materialise.

It does happen periodically that when someone posts a message exhorting us to  "pull ourselves together,"  that we are our own rescue, we really want to believe it, intentionally go for it...but... 

The thing is, it's so hard, having to do things differently! It disrupts our souls.

On the other hand when we allow our circumstances become our focus, our past  build up within, a type of bitterness and hopelessness can develop. Our mindsets then become pretty much immoveable.

As with pot-plants that have been over-watered our 'roots' too, can become weak, and fragile and our 'fragrance' bears a touch of the acrid, pungent and bitter. Little growth comes out of such an atmosphere.

But then there comes a time where it seems God is calling us to 'unearth' the soil, and replace it with fresh, clean hope. He is the powerful source of hope, His promises stand while not much else is permanent.

In past years I've allowed myself to believe in mediocrity, like, that's who I am... Now today I've His key to unlocking courage and have become seriously devoted to helping with the transformation of lives as a super professional Supercoach! I have been in constant renewal, training, getting certified and practising for many years. 

God has given me another focus and I'm refusing to listen to my own negative chatter or negative mindset spiral. 

Through amazing coaching I am discovering who I am, and seeing what I've not seen before. To have the soil (my soul) disrupted is truly incredible. I can be the person God always intended!

My motive is to come to a place where I can assist my mentees discover for themselves how they may become FULLY ALIVE, and rise above their current circumstances. And...be enabled to start speaking light into the darkness!

There are a couple of spaces for a complimentary, inspirational call with me.

You are welcome to take contact: 

Robbie Grangaard

[email protected]

Robbie Grangaard:      [email protected] : www.rgrangaard.com          Transformational Coach (relationships, identity) Business Coaching, Spiritual companion/director, prophetic artist.

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