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An explosive burst of motivation.

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

It has happened with global tragedies before, they attracted media attention for weeks, months and perhaps even longer, but then gradually lost momentum, public interest quietened and they finally dissipated when a differently focused news-grabber arose. That which demanded all resources to be brought out for change may or may not have ended in chaotic collision... but anyway, let's face it, not much was actually so very different, and not much really changed except for the damage, in particular further build-up of antagonism between peoples  

Is that going to happen again? What will bring about a real shift in our perceptions ? What is going to disrupt our mindsets to set in motion a new reality!

Is it that we are not ready to design a new story?

Yesterday I was mesmerised by a picture of a sprinter, rising from starting blocks as the start pistol is fired. Why mesmerised? Because I was a child- sprinter and I know what it meant to get an explosive horizontal burst to start the race. To be positioned to reach top-end speed earlier in the race from a crouch, rather than starting upright. 

It occurred to me that anyway my positioning has not been that which would give me the advantage needed to win the race of late. 

I really want to generate an explosive burst of motivation, like the little girl out to win the race. And I felt it then and there. That is the position I'm to start in, quiveringly excited to rise up from the starting blocks and really sprint beyond  the opposition!

 Robbie Grangaard:      [email protected] : www.rgrangaard.com          Transformational Coach (relationships, identity) Business Coaching, Spiritual companion/director, prophetic artist.

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