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A dance of HOPE between Heaven and Earth.

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2020

"Arise and shine, because your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you." (Is.60:1) 

 Maybe this exhortation from the Bible sounds conflictual and insensitive in a time like this ?

Is not our reality more like this version of verse 2:

"Darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the peoples." ?

When I ask, people tell me that there is no hope to end our current situation. It is so chaotic they say: it's a globe in a state of turmoil, in the grip of global 'virus-captivity,' not forgetting all abounding suspicion and hatred.

And yet I find I can't  base my life on such a thought of hopelessness, it seems so defeatist. I can't seriously believe that I'm here on this earth to simply find something to help me 'pass the time,' and get through a certain number of years before I die. And then....that's it...?

I know that I have a purpose, and so has everyone else. God has plans to prosper and not to harm, to give hope and a future (from Jeremiah 29:11 ).

So what's the answer? How is it possible to be raised above our current situation in order to rise and shine?

I'm under no illusion: only through infused Divine love, insight and revelation will people become true world-changers in this atmosphere.

It's certainly not worldly wisdom that cuts the mustard, for as Khahil Gibran reflects in The Prophet :

No man can reveal to you aught, but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.

Humanity tends to forget easily.

We can become so inspired by something or someone' words, only to realise that after a few months they've lost impact.

Spiritual insights though, which have been planted within, often lie latent and are more likely to be risen from slumber and awakened to new revelations.

To stand on the  words of mens' understanding leads to a dubious result often, but to instead stand in the power of Divine Light will cause God to shine out of the darkness. (A demonstration of Him as our incredible powerful Source of Hope, insight.)

Today people are not only impacted by all 'news' that attracts media attention, but many are also are heavily influenced by the grip of 'normal life'.  And the normal often revolves round so-called stress, pressure, or fear, concealing true truth and knowledge from the people and leading to lack.

This grieves me, because as with all others on earth, these people matter too... 

They are people who are living, but are they really fully alive?

Do they know know they've a purpose for living?  An amazing future?

Does anyone care if they don't know this?

It is exactly in a time like ours that people are needed to arise and shine with the glory of the Lord shining upon them!

Not much else is going to impact the world with hope.

And the need for this in our world today is intense. 

Painting: A dance of hope between heaven and Earth. By Robbie Grangaard.

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