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Influenced by God's Presence!

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2021

Do you want to create true prophetic art, calling forth the intentions of God to reality in a time like this?

 Maybe you’ve made some of these comments:

  • I’d love to paint, but I haven’t an artistic bone in my body
  • I can’t even draw stick figures
  • I haven’t got what it takes to be creative

SO... what if you understood just how creative you are? What if you could see that those thoughts are hoodwinking you to see yourself as just average and, "well, that’s just the way it is, nothing will change…"

What if you really let it sink into your heart when I tell you that you’re not average or mediocre- you just think you are….

You are made in the image of God who stretches out skies of beauty, of colour, sometimes stormy, sometimes with such light it takes your breath away, and which are constantly changing each and every day.

Actually all of us can splash colour on to a canvas! The proclaimed artist and the wanna-be,...

A dance of HOPE between Heaven and Earth.

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2020

"Arise and shine, because your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you." (Is.60:1) 

 Maybe this exhortation from the Bible sounds conflictual and insensitive in a time like this ?

Is not our reality more like this version of verse 2:

"Darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the peoples." ?

When I ask, people tell me that there is no hope to end our current situation. It is so chaotic they say: it's a globe in a state of turmoil, in the grip of global 'virus-captivity,' not forgetting all abounding suspicion and hatred.

And yet I find I can't  base my life on such a thought of hopelessness, it seems so defeatist. I can't seriously believe that I'm here on this earth to simply find something to help me 'pass the time,' and get through a certain number of years before I die. And then....that's it...?

I know that I have a purpose, and so has everyone else. God has plans to prosper and not to harm, to give hope and a future...

Changing a mindset: the disruption of our souls!

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

To change a mindset doesn't just happen. It requires more than the desire to do so.

We shouldn't need to be the victim of others' perceptions, but it's not so easy. We want to turn our story around and design a new one, but find it doesn't usually materialise.

It does happen periodically that when someone posts a message exhorting us to  "pull ourselves together,"  that we are our own rescue, we really want to believe it, intentionally go for it...but... 

The thing is, it's so hard, having to do things differently! It disrupts our souls.

On the other hand when we allow our circumstances become our focus, our past  build up within, a type of bitterness and hopelessness can develop. Our mindsets then become pretty much immoveable.

As with pot-plants that have been over-watered our 'roots' too, can become weak, and fragile and our 'fragrance' bears a touch of the acrid, pungent and bitter. Little growth comes out of such an atmosphere.

But then there comes a...

Don't allow others impact and define you, true abundance is yours.

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2020

There are probably many reasons for fear, or for that matter, resignation. We become so influenced by the choice of information given out by the media, and keep on filling up with it as though it is a necessity, or our responsibility to know all they say, whoever 'they' may be...

Little by little we become subject to negativity, uncertainty and chaos.

Where is your focus? Are you wanting to see beyond, know abundance, hope and love?

The thing is, you possess true abundance whether you believe it or not. No matter who you are.

You don't have to give the noise in your head such influence that it impacts your emotions and state of mind. Others may say what they think, but that need not affect us.

If God gave you a promise that you could become a game-changer, with no problems... what would you do? In your life, your business, your relationships?

The answer to your game-changing desire has probably something to do with the  destiny you have on your life. It's probably the path...

Innovativeness and opportunities towards your new prosperity.

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2020

Innovativeness? Opportunities? Oh really...? Is that an appropriate title for our struggling world? Using words such as innovativeness... opportunities? 

Well, maybe we are indeed at that place, where Esther was, (Esther 4:14, NKJV)... Is it possible that we could be here 'for a time like this' so that all will not perish?'

Maybe this is exactly the time we are not to remain silent, but rise above our current circumstances.

And how does one do that? 

Perhaps by seeing beyond the current situation. There's such a need for people with fresh clarity and right focus. 

Hope comes through plugging into the Source of all life, to help replace the grip of the visible and look towards the Divine Invisible.

With the release  of anxieties we could become empowered with God's hope and Dream Big from the inside-out.

I am hearing of fresh inspiration and innovativeness where people are beginning to construct different ways of doing things.

One step at a time...


Grab the moment... for it is now!

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

Many live and long for their past, how it was once 'in the good old days'. Others are future-focused and long for that time to come.  

But actually the 'now' is all I have at this very point of time and I ask myself, just how am I using the "now'? It dissipates so fast, it's just a fleeting moment. 

I am happiest it seems, when suddenly intentional focus is awakened and I seize the moment to connect with my life mission.

Then I understand this is why I'm here! This is the purpose for my life! 

It's everyones' reason for living: capturing the moment, connecting with their life mission.  

Ok...so we know our world is becoming increasingly chaotic...

But all the more reason for us to discover our place, our abilities, talents up in all this.

The hindrances placed on our path are a deep cry, not only for change within systems etc., but also from a profound 'handwriting on the wall' within us.

The world is in need of solid discernment and clarity. Only One...

An explosive burst of motivation.

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

It has happened with global tragedies before, they attracted media attention for weeks, months and perhaps even longer, but then gradually lost momentum, public interest quietened and they finally dissipated when a differently focused news-grabber arose. That which demanded all resources to be brought out for change may or may not have ended in chaotic collision... but anyway, let's face it, not much was actually so very different, and not much really changed except for the damage, in particular further build-up of antagonism between peoples  

Is that going to happen again? What will bring about a real shift in our perceptions ? What is going to disrupt our mindsets to set in motion a new reality!

Is it that we are not ready to design a new story?

Yesterday I was mesmerised by a picture of a sprinter, rising from starting blocks as the start pistol is fired. Why mesmerised? Because I was a child- sprinter and I know what it meant to get an explosive horizontal...

Is there any hope of a true pact of nonaggression in our world today?

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

I remember reading as a child about an animal figure talking with his friend about forming  a pact of nonaggression between them. (So sorry about the vagueness, but I can't recall the book's name or details)..

In any case I spent ages trying to get to grips with that particular expression, and now some decades later I still remember it, and am probably none the wiser.

What would that mean?  Is there anything that could connect humanity to true nonaggression? We are so diverse and that in itself seems to give rise to serious antagonism. 

How did Jesus walk this earth, discerning peoples' motives, and mindsets  with such equanimity? At no time did He compromise Who He was, His purpose or focus. 

Can we learn ? I want to believe that there is hope.

What if our societies started to do something different? 

What if we intentionally set about overcoming the entitlement mentality that seems to have a tight grip on our world? Could we open our minds and...


Uncategorized Jun 13, 2020

My heart is so deeply moved by the current global darkness and brokenness.

What if we would dare to knit our hearts together and create a global impact ?

What if we could learn how to free our mindsets of hatred, suspicion, turmoil and disillusionment? Maybe we could actually waken the sleeping child of goodwill within us and be drawn towards a new path of love, compassion, hope and clarity. A crossroads of re-direction.

Or is that simply an illusion way beyond us?

I don't think so. I believe there is amazing human potential within each and every person alive. 

God so loves us and our world, but when we don't know who we are, or most importantly Whose we are, we react to and find ourselves at the mercy of our  thoughts and negative mindset spirals. We are then profoundly impacted by the world outside of us.

But the wounded-ness in our world could be made whole, the enemy's provocative but unhealthy soil could be disrupted.

New hope and new creativity  is just...

Let us make our lives and words count.

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

Just recently a powerful memorial was held for Ravi Zacharias who has left this world. He was recognised as the greatest Christian apologetic of our century and has left behind a legacy of incredible depth and marvellous truth which is to be continued into our broken and dark world. 

 During Covid-19 2020 we have been stricken by the onslaught of a virus gripping every nation and I'm certainly not negating the pain and tragedy that is present. It is an especially dark time.

I am however, so deeply grateful that we have such an awesome God of power and might, love and care, who I am persuaded invites everyone to Himself, the God of Ravi Zacharias, the God of depth and truth. The One who guided Ravi through his life of purpose, love and understanding.

I have to ask myself, am I capable of creating a life with words that count, a life of truth spoken in love

And am I willing to disrupt the current world's soil of complacency towards Biblical...

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