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Robbie Grangaard

Coach, Trainer and Prophetic Artist

Robbie Grangaard is a prophetic artist, evangelistic of nature and has authored one book. Born in New Zealand, she returned there with her husband over 12 years ago (from her home in Norway) to follow a call of God. She is passionate about walking alongside people, particularly women, to help them become conscious of, and live out, their God-given potential, identity and true worth.

She initially trained as a nurse, and then took a diploma in psycho-social work for refugees. She began in this field as the nurse in a refugee camp and later became the  leader of the camp. She became a Refugee Consultant after some time and helped integrated refugees into the nation of Norway. Her focus was was particularly directed to families and large womens' groups  of up to 17 different nationalities for a timespan of 15 years. To gain understanding of the different ethnic family issues that confronted her she decided to become a family therapist to help her in the management of conflicts and problems which arose periodically among the refugee/ new-immigrant families. After moving to New Zealand in 2005 she trained as as a multi systemic therapist and worked with families of troubled youth. Finally she became a Christian spiritual director and has of late been able to intertwine much from the different trainings written above when mentoring or in consulting sessions with compromised families or couples.

At this time she is also involved in a local project with the police re-violence and family harm issues where relationship counselling may be necessary. Her church brings her in (and her husband ) to be of help when required for impending or established marriage breakdowns. She is also an experienced intercessor and ministry team member.

Robbie Grangaard is currently loving the opportunity to paint with another artist in a local café. Her work is prophetic which invariably leads the artists into deep conversations about faith with the customers. Prior to this she weekly painted throughout church worship for about 5 years.

Her paintings only portray visions, pictures or dreams that are God-given. She has used art therapy techniques in therapeutic sessions, Christian spiritual direction (and even in “treasure hunting” when leading a Christian team on the streets for a period of approximately 5 years.

Robbie Grangaard is wife to one, mother to four and grandmother to four.

She adores her globally spread family and misses them intensely. Living on the other side of the world makes long-haul travel a constant need to have any possibility of embracing them!

"Like all couples my husband and I have had issues over the years. Some issues have been very hurtful, and hard to leave in the past. When the same problems keep cropping up in our marriage it was very helpful to have Robbie help us problem-solve and she had my husband and I talking to each other about serious issues with honesty and love which resulted in him apologizing to me and me accepting it and being willing to let go of it and also asking him to forgive me as well.

As we are aware problems and issues often do not vanish overnight. Robbie suggested the amount of weekly fortnightly and monthly appointments appropriate to us, in doing so tackling all aspects over a period of time.

So far we have found it more than helpful and find that her style and approach is very non threatening and kind. I found her suggestions all encompassing of people in general and not just zoning in on me personally with ‘you should do this’ or ‘ you should do that’ sentences. I found that with her gentle style she could encourage us to speak about delicate issues to her and to each other.

I am glad I have had the experience of seeing her as a mentor and listening to her advice and suggestions. I appreciate my overall experience of speaking to someone who is trained and has “heard it all before”. I have been greatly encouraged and am finding situations and issues easier to deal with because of her excellent manner of speaking and explaining situations to me and to us as a couple."

Pastor Jan Kingi


Pastor Jan Kingi


"We, Rick & Mio are an American/Japanese couple, in our 70’s & 50’s who immigrated to New Zealand 13 years ago.

Rick, having had a successful Craft Gallery for 27 years, run solely by himself, had developed strong opinions of how everything should be done at the gallery. Often his tastes, styles & need to control things ran into conflict with Mio in this country. Rick being a strong initiator & recovering control freak caused Mio to feel left out. Seeing that we are both independent types, used to doing things on our own, we have a hard time doing things together as a couple.

 With Robbie’s help & guidance & technique of drawing our emotions & feelings on paper with coloured pencils & pastels, we learned to hear & see God’s direction & voice in our life as a couple. Even with all our differences, God had & still has a plan for us. Robbie often pointed out how much God loves us both!

Where as before our sessions with Robbie we felt nervous & uncomfortable as a couple, Robbie helped us to calm down & relax to hear Gods voice & direction & realize again & again that God brought us together from the very beginning."

Rick Urban & Mio Endo


Rick Urban & Mio Endo


"I was recommended to Robbie after a traumatic event in our family recently. She fit me in quickly and we spent a few hours together. Robbie is someone who cares deeply about people and is a wonderful listener. When I went to see her, she made me feel at ease, establishing herself as someone I could confidently trust to help me get to the heart of the matter. Together we dug deep into matters, motivations, and reasons behind my own behaviour and reactions, helping me to find solutions and new perspectives. She is a beautiful woman with a genuine love for people and passion for seeing them set free and living passionate lives. She regularly checks in on me and prays for me and my family. I would highly recommend Robbie for anyone who would want to be free of their past and would benefit from her mentoring or spiritual direction."


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