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It's Time to Take Your Rightful Place




 I will help you reclaim your


your sparkle, to feel fully alive


    and love being you!









Hi, I'm Robbie Grangaard

There was a time in my life when I felt overlooked and a bit 'invisible'.... But that was before I fell in love with my life again! Now i I live  a fulfilled amazing life -- including moving to the other side of the world, adventuring Down Under and working with beautiful women like you who are ready to take their rightful place. I can and will help you write a new chapter of your life that truly makes your heart sing.

Download Your Free Gift

For those who are 50+ I'm  excited about all that awaits you in your Golden Years, and so  I wrote this free guide: 5 Ways to Love Your Life Again After Age 50. for youDownload this power-packed little guide and follow the steps to see immediate results in your joy, excitement and passion!


How You Can Work With Me

Here are the ways I currently express my calling and gifts in the world:


I work with women of all ages, and not least those  in their Golden Years who long to  take their rightful place, discover their  potential, rise above their current situations and awaken to their very best!

Program "Take Your Rightful Place" is starting September 2022! See below!

Prophetic Art

I capture what the Holy Spirit speaks to me on canvas during church services or alone in my studio, then share the resulting images. Click on the Prophetic Art Gallery to view.


Transformative Coach Prophetic Artist Author Spiritual Director

"Robbie Grangaard is wife to one, mother to four and grandmother to four. She adores her globally spread family and misses them intensely. Living on the other side of the world makes long-haul travel a constant need to have any possibility of embracing them! Robbie is a successful relationship mentor, anointed to deal with deep inner soul wounds and an inspirational-ist for especially Christian women. Robbie Grangaard started out working with conflict management and problems which arose periodically among refugee/ new-immigrant families in Norway using family therapy and art therapy techniques. She then developed similar strategies with marriage breakdowns, Christian disillusionment and conflict. Robbie Grangaard specialises in the lifting up of women in particular, for them to see who they really are, their influence and the power which is in fact innate within them. To go from pain to POWER! Author, Prophetic Artist, Family and Multi-systemic therapist, Christian spiritual director."

Transformative Coach Prophetic Artist Author Spiritual Director



Job Title

FREE Ebook: A Dance Between Heaven & Earth!

A Dance between Heaven and Earth will incite you to make every day count, will help you rise above your current situation and is purposed for a new dance of momentum, one which makes all the difference and brings about real change.




Coming SEPTEMBER 2022

Are you wanting to refill your ‘cup’?       Don’t let your best days pass you by!

You’re a standout person in God. You’ve got serious credentials, amazing wisdom and solid life experience, not forgetting a creative mind. But right now, in a time like this, you are feeling a bit drained maybe, lost, lacking vision and/or energy. And there’s no big break in sight. 

Or you’re wanting to take back your rightful place and destiny. But you’re not sure where to start. Or if you even can.

You want to be renewed and released as a mature person of influence , to seize the moment and tap into that Divine power source like you’ve never done before, to impact the world around you.

But somehow it seems time is passing by, and you’re thinking:

“I really want something to change…. and fast”.

 Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You sense that others might have taken your place, because you’re not there
  • You’re thinking in terms of lack, rather than abundance
  • Your last reserves are emptying 
  • You are not feeling inspired to better the situation, and therefore nothing happens
  • You are not moving forward as you had previously planned

If any of this above describes you, or sounds like something you may have said…I want you to know that you’re not alone in navigating this new time.

God sees you. I see you ! And it’s time for you to see yourself as who you really are.


Take Your Rightful Place is a Coaching Program just for YOU! It starts  September 2022.  


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